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Wellaccess, Inc. is a place where innovation is allowed to run free, failures are embraced, and success is achieved through perseverance and the ability to keep faith in a better tomorrow.


Wellaccess, Inc was organized and operates to connect innovative health solutions and communities of promise by providing access to web-based education, resources, and infrastructure needed to flatten the social gradient of health curve.


One day all people will have equitable access to living a well and healthy life.

About the


Ms. Salone Jones, PT, DPT grew up as an at-risk youth in Savannah, GA. She was fortunate to overcome some early challenges in her life. Ms. Jones’s life experiences was the spark for Wellaccess, Inc.

Share Your Story

“Share your story with us. You never know how one sentence of your life story could inspire someone to rewrite their own.”
Founder's Message

I know first-hand how deeply personal, intimate, and scary sharing your story can be. I, too, contemplated for months before deciding to archive my story through video. We promise to ensure every story is given the care, respect, and representation it deserves. Every story has underlying truths that can make a positive impact and inspire someone to rewrite their own life story. So, will you take the leap and join me in sharing yours?

Our Initiative Education

“Education is not just good for the individual; it is good for all of us. A more educated society is likely to be a healthier society.”
– Sir Michael Marmot

Closing The Educational Gap; Improving Social Mobility and Health Equity

Provide access to educational technology and online Individualized Learning experiences to narrow the Educational Gap and Promote Scholastic Achievement.

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