Virtual Office Administration Virtual Office Administration - Performs virtual administrative task based on your availability to include but not limited to: coordinating meetings/appointments, performing clerical tasks such as returning calls/emails, performing donor care duties. Duties/Responsibilities are based on your available time commitment and may not include all tasks listed above.Public Affairs (Media) Public Affairs - Manages media communications, secures corporate sponsorships/relationships, develops and implements a public relationship strategy centered around building and maintaining a strong reputation and relationship with government, state, corporate, and community partners. Ensures we are meeting our social responsibilities as an organization.Public Administration (Fundraising Team) Public Administration - Plans, develop, and implement fundraiser strategies. Develops financial policy and provide direction, business planning, budgeting, and all other financial administration within the organization. Research, propose, and apply for grants that have been approved by the board on behalf of the organization. Experience in finance management to include accounting, budgeting, auditing, analysis, and reporting would be helpful.Marketing Marketing - Complete market research to identify target audience demographics or reviewing previously successful marketing campaigns, Meeting with clients to discuss brand guidelines, goals, budget and timelines, Producing a brand style guide that best captures the organization’s voice and mission, Creating editorial and content creation calendars for various media platforms and outlets, Working as part of a team to accomplish tasks by set deadlines and making adjustments throughout marketing campaigns to achieve better engagement from target audience.Digital Marketing/Social Media Management Digital Marketing/Social Media Management - Role/Responsibilities include: Using social media marketing tools to create and maintain posting schedule, working with digital marketing team to develop social media marketing campaigns, Interacting with customers and other stakeholders via the company's social media accounts, Analyzing the company's digital marketing plan and social media strategy and identifying strategic weaknesses and making recommendations for improvements, Researching social media trends and informing management of changes that are relevant to the company's marketing activities.Board of Directors Board of Directors (BODs) - BODs are the leadership of the organization and will be required to have an active role in hiring, fundraising, governing, strategizing, ensuring transparency and integrity, and providing oversight of the daily operations. A BOD is required to provide a specialized skill set or perspective that only they can offer in furthering the vision and mission of the organization. Accepts fiduciary duties and responsibilities that come with serving as a BOD including the duties of care, loyalty, and obedience. Have a comparable passion to the founder’s passion for the mission (cause). Take personal responsibility for the wellbeing of the organization. Be willing to financially contribute annually to the organization.Advisory Boards Advisory Boards - Wellaccess, Inc will have various specialized advisory boards to include but not limited to Development, Operations, Marketing, Public Affairs, Public Policy, Legal/Law, Research/Publication, Early Childhood Development, Urban Development, Film/Television, Theater/Creative Writing, Fundraising, Product Development, and more: Roles and Responsibilities include providing current knowledge, resources, critical thinking and analysis in a specific area to increase the confidence and provide guided insight for the leadership of the organization.Legal Services Legal/Law Services - Provides legal services involving legal or law related matters like issue of legal opinion, filing, pleading and defending of law suits, or other legal matters by a lawyer or attorney practicing law related services. Paralegals would be a part of the team, and expected to work on legal/law tasks, except those proscribed by law, under the supervision of a lawyer.Health Policy Administration Public Policy - Investigates current and potential policies, using their research findings to propose solutions to social issues. The work involves politics and government, with the responsibility of considering health equity, sustainability, and the moral implications of laws and public policies and their impact on populations, communities, and actual people. The founder is very passionate about Wellaccess being an advocate in this arena because laws and public policies is one of the drivers of health inequities. The Public Policy Team is expected to have a comparable passion to the founder’s passion for laws/policies that facilitate health equity and environmental sustainability for all groups of people.IT / Software IT / Software - With 70% of Wellaccess’s business model being based around the internet and connecting our services to communities of promise throughout the United States and eventually the world, having a strong IT/Software Team is crucial to the organization’s ability to fulfil it’s mission. IT technicians will install hardware and troubleshoot computer issues, responding to IT questions from staff, volunteers, and those we serve in the community. Update malware protection devices to prevent viruses or computer hacking. Monitor clicks, links, usability and overall status of the organization’s webpage, landing pages and supporting pages. Software Engineers will develop software programs or systems that align with user needs. Meet with staff and our partners virtually or in person to strategize ideas for beneficial software, coordinating with the IT technicians to design software and run tests to catch coding errors.Project Management Project Management - A PM’s role/responsibilities are: Creating long- and short-term plans, and adhering to deadlines. Delegating tasks on the project to volunteers or freelancers best positioned to complete them. Serving as a point of contact for teams when multiple units are assigned to the same project to ensure team actions remain in synergy, communicating with executives and directors to keep the project aligned with the department and organization’s ultimate goals. Performing quality control on the project throughout development to maintain the standards expected. Adjusting schedules and targets on the project as needs or financing for the project change.Community Ambassador Community Ambassador - A Community Ambassador role/responsibility includes: Connecting members of the local community with the programs and resources offered by the organization or a partner organization/entity. Developing positive relationships with the community at large. Ambassadors lead the community outreach team, and is the face of Wellaccess to the general public.Urban Planning/Development Urban Planning/Development - The Urban Planning/Development Team role/responsibilities are: Assist in planning and reviving low socio-economic areas within various districts. Plan and design townships and cities promoting healthy and active lifestyles. Oversee project development and help in providing affordable housing solutions. Conduct on-site investigations to determine factors affecting community development and potential decline including land usage. Research best practices to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions from local businesses and warehouses. Meet with industry experts to determine appropriate Disaster Risk Assessment plans for Emergency Management. Team members are expected to have a degree or certification in urban planning, public policy or a related field. Experience using a combination of creative and technical concepts in problem-solving. Full-scale understanding of the social and environmental effects of proposed plans and the best practices in design aesthetics. Ability to conceptualize large-scale plans and established required milestones to complete projects.Affordable Housing Development Affordable Housing/Development - AHD Team roles/responsibilities will include: Partner in all aspects of affordable housing acquisition, rehabilitation, and development (Section 8, LIHTC, etc.) in core markets across the US. Make substantial contributions to analysis that will inform the organization’s decisions. Compilation of due diligence information including financial, market, site, and regulatory data. Analyzing and comparing complex partnership agreements and cash flow waterfalls. Manage project pro-formas including budgets, schedule, timing, and underwriting assumptions. Completion of applications and documentation necessary for debt and equity financing, property purchase and sale, and government subsidy renewal. Involvement in contract negotiation and review of legal documentation for each project. Validation and defense of budgets, assumptions, and pro-forma analysis. Build, coordinate and lead internal team members and external consultants through conceptual design and entitlements leading to construction documents. Perform, coordinate and / or lead pre-development work such as preliminary architectural and engineering issues, zoning issues, local government and community support. Team members are expected to have a degree in a related field, or extensive experience in real estate development, construction, or affordable housing development.Sustainability Development Environmental Sustainability - The sustainability team roles/responsibilities are: research, development, and implementation of policies that improve the organization's environmental impact. Ensuring the organization’s adherence to laws and industry regulations. Working with the Affordable Housing/Development Team to implement strategies to address various environmental concerns including energy use, conservation, reduction of pollution, recycling, building and facility design, and general education on sustainable options for housing, community revitalization, and real estate development projects.Social Work Social Work - The Social Work Team (aka C.A.R.E. Team) roles/responsibilities are: To be a liaison or connector between community resources/services and individuals or families in need. Research and compile a national database, categorized by geographic locations, of various services, resources, and tools that are available for individuals and families in need to include but not limited to mental health, managed health, preventative health, food services, shelter, domestic violence services, rehabilitation centers, sexual assault services, legal aids, traumatic event counselors, etc. Evaluate clients based on their needs, and develop an action plan that includes local community resources, services, and tools available to them. Build rapport with the clients and their families. Advocate on their behalf. Maintain constant communication with the client and local community partners until the client’s needs have been met. Coordinate care with local service providers. Most importantly always provide C.A.R.E. C: Communicate with Compassion and Courtesy A: Acknowledgement of / Advocacy for sensitive cultural events and current life circumstances. R: Resources for clients/communities in need of support E: Empathy for clients/communities facing hard timesEarly Childhood Development Early Childhood Development - ECD Team roles/responsibilities are: Research, design, and develop an Early Childhood Development program that can be implemented in preschools, day-cares, homeschool, and other Early Childhood Programs. Ensure the program meets the requirements of all federal mandates and can be amended to meet state mandates. Develop an on-demand training program for preschool, homeschool, and other Early Childhood Programs that would like to implement the program. Parental support and training; Coordinate use of Department of Human Services licensed child care providers within the community. Ensure regular program evaluation and analysis of data for program improvements and continuing education courses for staff and directors of ECD programs. Budget development for program success. Work with the Public Administration Team to research, propose, and apply for grants approved by the Board. Monitor grant budget ensuring that the funds allocation is in compliance with the rules/policies of the grantors. Adult Education Adult Education - The AE Team roles/responsibilities are: Create and develop a virtual adult education program with synchronous and asynchronous courses with computer-aided instruction in basic reading, writing, social studies, science, math and computer basics for adults functioning below the 12th grade level. Implement instruction plans, and Individual learning plans to aid students in developing skills and confidence in basic academic areas. Monitor and assess students’ progress on a regular basis. Develop and implement a GED self-pace course with GED testing being administered at the end of the course. Collect, record, and report all necessaryPeer Mentorship Mentorship - The mentorship team will consist of peer mentors, career mentors, and general life coaching mentors. The mentors’ roles/responsibilities are: providing guidance, advice, feedback, and support to the mentee, serving as a role model, teacher, counselor, advisor, sponsor, advocate, and ally, depending on the specific goals and objectives negotiated with the mentee. Provides encouragement and assists the mentee in identifying personal or professional development activities. Maintains confidentiality. Commits to fostering the relationship for the specified period of time. Maintains a professional relationship that doesn't intrude on the mentee's personal life; does not expect to be close friends. Ends the relationship at the agreed upon time, unless both parties agree upon a new specified period of time for the mentor/mentee relationshipFilm/Television Production Film & Television Production - The production team plays a key role in ensuring that individuals in communities of promise get their voices heard. Initially, production projects will center around documentary style films. Wellaccess Studios will also write, pitch, and produce television series, and films that align with the mission/vision of the organization. Anyone with a background in film & television production or have a strong desire to develop production skills are ideal candidates for the production teams. Here is a list of production members needed: Creative Writers, Story analysts, Location Managers, Art Directors, Production Managers, Line Producers, Directors, Cinematographers (DP), Gaffers, Camera Operators, Sound Mixers, Grips, Production Office Coordinators, Production Publicist, Illustrators, Animators, FX Directors, Sound Designers, Post-Production Supervisor, Editors, just to name a few.Theater Production Theater Production - Wellaccess Studios will have a Theater Production department that creates and develops original stage plays that amplifies the stories in communities of promise through live stage productions. The productions will be used for fundraising, outreach, and educational purposes. Here is a list of production members needed: Playwrights, Directors, Producers, Production Managers, Theater Operations Manager, Licensing Manager, Marketing Coordinators, Press and Publicity Coordinators, Casting Directors, Stage Managers, Choreographers, Set Designers, Costume Maker/Designers, Prop Makers, Stage Crew, Lighting Designers, Sound Designers, Musical Directors, Composers, Musicians, Outreach & Education Managers, and Theater Fundraising Managers.Fashion Design Development Fashion Design Development - Within 5-years Wellaccess is projected to launch a clothing line that specializes in school uniforms and casual wear for school aged students expanding into casual and professional attire for university students. Here is a list of the fashion development team members needed: Fashion Designers, Garment Technologists, Textile Designers, Fashion Illustrators, Graphic Designers, Pattern Cutter/Graders, Fashion Photographers, Fashion Marketing Managers, Trend Forecasters, Ecommerce Managers, Studio Managers, Stylists, and Copywriters.Innovation Lab (Creative Ideas Group) Innovation Labs (Creative Think Tank Groups) - Innovation is an unparalleled characteristic of Wellaccess as a charitable organization. The Innovation Lab’s sole purpose is to allow innovation to run free, think outside the box, and present ideas and creative ways for the organization to achieve its mission. The Innovation Lab Team will be given various topics and projects within the organization’s pipeline with the task of brainstorming, developing, and pitching creative ideas for a specific topic or project to department heads. The team will be divided into groups and each group will work on 1 - 2 topics or projects at a time. Reach/Publication Research/Publication - Wellaccess aims to develop a research team that loves grounded theory research. Research aimed at collecting data through observation, interviews, and real-world experiences; analyzing that data, and deriving theory from the real-world data collected. The publication team would then write, edit, proofread, and develop relationships with journals and publication houses to ensure the editorials of the research gets published, which may be published as an article or book. The mission of the research and publication team is to add value to the evidence-based research that already exist. When it comes to communities of promise and addressing health inequities, the evidence and data that exist is incomplete or cannot be effectively implemented in these communities secondary to unaddressed barriers. Wellaccess Research/Development Team aims to collect real world data, analyze that data, derive theories based on the data, and finally present those findings and potential solutions to the world through publications.General Volunteer General Volunteer - If you have no specific area of interest to volunteer, but you would love to volunteer for community events, fundraisers, and general projects to lend a helping hand we would be honored to have you as one of our general volunteers.

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